Level Info
Zone Moonguard
Chapter 2
Number of Landmarks 7

As you crest a low hill, the Elven border post comes into view. Shadowclones have taken up defensive positions here, and it won't be an easy task to drive them away.

After a brutal battle, you have broken free and escaped during the night into the Brushwood. Your party stops for a few hours rest, but soon the early morning silence is shattered by the sound of Shadowclones in hot pursuit.

At day break you enter a dust village, it seems to be abandoned not long ago by its Elven inhabitants. There is no evidence of a seems everyone left in a hurry. Now minions patrol the streets.

After a long journey, you arrive in the heart of the Scorched Hills. Among the volcanic fumes and unbearable heat, you notice with disgust that the Shadowclones seem to be thriving here. No environment is too harsh for them.

You did not find the allies you were hoping for in your expedition to the Scorched Hills. But it seems the old elf has a plan. He leads you to an ancient altar just east of the hills. Someone important is in hiding there, he says.

As you arrive at the Crystal Glacier, the cold chills you to the bone. But you must press onward to rescue the King. If you succed, it could turn the tide of the war for Moonguard.

After a two day journey, you have arrived at the Amethyst Throne, the rightful seat of the King. You are close to victory, but this time the enemy is prepared.