Level Info
Zone Meriden
Chapter 4
Number of Landmarks 7

You arrive at the port of Mirabeth, once an important harbor for the Kingdom of Meriden. But now it is a transport hub for the Shadowclones. They are likely to put up fierce resistance

Curious as to where these Shadowclones are going, and who is commanding them, you pursue them to Rampart Point. Unfortunately, you have been noticed, and they don't take kindly to being followed

Welcome to the Meriden Forest, where evil spirits and bizarre creatures are said to reside. But you must keep moving forward. If you give these Shadowclones a hance to regroup, you will have no chance against an army of this size.

You fight your way through wave after wave of minions as you venture further into the caverns. Soon the sunlight is left far behind and you are deep into the bowels of the earth.

Miraculously, you stumble across an alternate exit to the cave and escape safely. Even better, down the hill you see a small fishing village. If you can liberate it, it looks like a good place to rest and resupply.

To your relief, the warrior sage was unaffected by the curse, and is not under control of the Shadowclones. But you will have to fight through hordes of minions to get to him.

The final battle for Meriden is at hand. remember the words of the sage, and wield the katana with courage.

Story LandmarksEdit