Litherian Sea

Litherian Sea
Level Info
Zone Litherian Sea
Chapter 3
Number of Landmarks 6

The man you have rescued happens to be Captain Maelstron Swift, a veteran sailor and owner of the Annie-Marie, a merchant caravel. After narrowly escaping death, he is eager to return to his vessel and take you on board. But the approach to the ship is blocked by the enemy.

Too distracted by the constant fighting to navigate, the ship has drifted off course, and into dangerous waters near the Eye of Destruction, an enourmous whirlpool which poses a huge threat to sailors crossing the Litherian Sea.

Finally, the Anne-Marie limps into Frostbite Harbour, a bleak little fishing port on an island in the northern Litherian Sea. But Shadowclones will not let you make a landing without a fight.

An eerie silence hangs over the dragon graveyard, you sense that things are too quiet here. It feels like the Shadowclones are watching your movements, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The ship repaired, you are back at sea with those desolate islands finally behind you. But through the fog, you can make out the shadow of a ghostly ship. Despite your best efforts, yu can't seem to outrun it. The enemy is boarding!

After much struggle, you have reached the throne of Poseidon. Defeat the intruders, and then leave the island to its rightful owner.

Story LandmarksEdit