Level Info
Zone Kaleria
Chapter 8
Number of Landmarks 7

As soon as the frist "Main base" the stamina cost goes from 6 - 8.

As a snowstorm hammers the barren hills, your team desperately searches for shelter. You come across a cave which would make an excellent place to spend the night, but you will have to clear it of Shadowclones first







Story LandmarksEdit


Campaign GuideEdit

Raid GuideEdit

This guide was compiled by the guild members of Elite Guard. The heroes referenced on each wave are based on a combination of suggestions provided by Elite Guard's GM, Beercat, and the top damaging team listed for each wave.

█ ▌ ▐ RAID 8-1: SNOW CAVE

Raid Stage 8-1 is pretty straightforward and an all-physical DPS team is recommended for maximized damage. The difficulty of this stage lies in Musashi who appears near the end of the stage. The recommended team line-up depends on whether he is or is no longer present in the match.

✦ Recommended Team: Torsen, Musashi, Ulfang, Leah, Alana

For the majority of the stage, and for when Musashi is present, this line up is recommended. Torsen can withstand physical attacks while Ulfang's Ult can be timed to disrupt Enemy Musashi's Ult. Leah, Musashi, and Alana provide both damage and boosts in physical attack and enemy armor reduction.

✦ Alternative Team: Vincent, Musashi, Alana, Leah, Gale

This team can be used during the waves that precede Musashi. Vincent can withstand the magic attacks used by enemies while Musashi, Alana, Leah, and Gale provide damage with two stacked physical attack boosts and armor reduction.

✦ Post-Musashi Team: Torsen, Musashi, Leah, Alana, Osiris/Leon

When Musashi has been taken down, this team is recommended for maximized damage. You can choose either Leon who will provide auras to increase attack damage or Osiris who will provide strong magical splash damage.


No information is currently available for Waves 1 & 2. However, the group strategy for Wave 3 is to take down the physical immune dragon as fast as possible. An all physical team is recommended at the start of the wave until the dragon has been killed. Torsen is the next objective and it is advised to switch to a mixed team with Selene and Osiris.

✦ Recommended Team: Torsen, Musashi, Alana, Leah, Gale

This is the preferred team while the magic immune dragon is present. Alana weakens Torsen's armor and provides a physical attack boost. Musashi is the primary DPS with Leah and Gale providing additional damage and support. If you do not own or can not rent a Musashi from the mercenary camp, Ulfang will be an acceptable replacement with his boosts.

✦ Alternative Team: N/A

No information available!

✦ Post-Dragon Team: Torsen, Musashi, Osiris, Selene, Gale

Once Torsen is down, the main objective is to remove the Enemy Torsen. Alana and Leah should be replaced for Selene and Osiris for their strong (mostly) single target Ults. Their boosts will also simultaneously lower magic defense and increase magic attack.




█ ▌ ▐ RAID 8-6: N/A

█ ▌ ▐ RAID 8-7: N/A