Fusion allows heroes to continue equipping more powerful items as they level, without losing the stats of their current items. Fusing also increases a hero's overall rating and health.

At specific fusion levels (each color change up to purple) new skills are unlocked.

An avatar picture of the hero is unlocked when you fuse it to purple.

Some heroes can learn an additional skill after being fused to orange and completing their Awakening quests.

Hero BorderEdit

Description Image Name Skill

White border

Grey *
Green border Green *
Green border and corners Green + 1
Blue border Blue *
Blue border and corners Blue + 1
Blue border, purple gems Blue + 2
Purple border Purple  *
Purple border and corners Purple + 1
Purple border, red gems Purple + 2
Purple border, orange gems Purple + 3
Purple border, orange corners Purple + 4
Orange border Orange
Orange border and corners Orange + 1
Orange border, red gems Orange + 2