Level Info
Zone Elrendal
Chapter 6
Number of Landmarks 8

In order to enter the next Kingdom, your party must pass through the Redclay Desert. These parched wastelands are inhospitable to anyone besides the Shadowclones, who apparently need little food and water to survive.

Just as all hope seemed to be fading away, you see some kind of oasis in the distance. Is it a mirage? It's your last hope, but minions are blocking the way.

You've reached the coasts of Elrendal and are out of the desert. But everyone in your party has fallen seriously ill. Could it be that the water at the oasis was poisoned?

Stumbling into the village of Alrick, you search desperately for a doctor. But you find he is captured by the Shadowclones along with most of the townspeople.

The road leads through a tangled grove, and you notice lightning flashing around you as you rush forward to take on a patrol of Shadowclones. Soon the forest has been set ablaze by the countless lightning strikes.

You arrive at some kind of altar in the wilderness, where you see a bizarre sight. Shadowclones and minions are taking part in some ceremony, with a high priest bellowing out commands. It's unclear what they are trying to do, but you had better strike while they aren't prepared for battle.

With gale-force winds and rain battering your face, you press forward into the storm. For every step you take forward it seems the storm intensifies. But the Shadowclones you face don't seem affected.

As you move closer, you realize you have arrived at the ancient Solara temple. An enormous procession of Shadowclones revolves around it in some kind of demonic ceremony that dwarfs the one at the previous altar. The odds are not in your favor, but you have no choice but to attack

Story LandmarksEdit