Level Info
Zone Delwith
Chapter 1
Number of Landmarks 6

Delwith is the first zone you encounter when participating in the campaign of Soul Hunters.

After a surprise attack from an unknown enemy, you wake up in a dark and forbidding forest. With members of your party missing, you attemt to regroup and set out to find help, only to come under attack once again'

You finally emerge from the dense forest. But the path leads into the Dark Caverns, no one knows what lies inside.

Just outside the exit of the cave stands an old hermit. He seems to want to tell you something. But whatever it is, it will have to wait. Enemies are approaching.

You have arrived at a small outpost, finally your party can rest and resupply. Or they could, if there weren't hordes of Shadowclones roaming the streets.

Standing at the entrance to the tunnel, you consult an ancient map given to you by a villager. It seems passing through the tunnel is the shortest route to Delwith Castle, the main stronghold in the Kingdom.

The Castle sits imposingly on a hill, watching over the wilderness that makes up most of the Kingdom. It is the last stronghold of the Shadowclones in Delwith, and it appears to be well defended.

Story LandmarksEdit